About Us

At last! A safer, online, social homebase for kids under 13. Everloop is a free place where kids can connect with friends, play games, share pictures, send messages, discover new talents, learn and have fun. Everloop’s state-of-the-art privacy protection and monitoring technology guard young users against bullying, bad language and inappropriate sharing of information. And we partner with leading innovators to provide child-focused entertainment as well as top-shelf educational activities. Kids get to be in the loop and parents get peace of mind.

Intro To Everloop

How Everloop Started

Games, smartphones and social networking sites have revolutionized how we all interact, and kids are no exception. Everloop was founded by three business women who were concerned that their kids were feeling pressure to lie about their ages and join social media sites intended for older users. They took action, and brought in a team of experts in technology, social networks, entertainment and children’s education. Together they developed a safer place for kids to create, collaborate, communicate and learn to navigate the sometimes treacherous ins-and-outs of the Internet. With powerful technology and safety controls, Everloop provides kids all the opportunities of the online experience without the dangers.


Everloop’s innovative social “looping” technology is designed to allow kids to find and share the things they love. Kids can join “loops” that focus on their interests, such as sports, crafts, music and fan groups. Or they can start loops of their own around things like creative writing, jokes, movies or current events.  Whether they want to share photos with their friends or learn more about their favorite activity or person, they can do it in “loops” with friends that are parent approved.


On Everloop, kids can interact in real-time through both instant messaging and loop chat.


Got Game?  Oh yeah! The Everloop Arcade offers more than 1500 games!

Customer Service

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to anyone who interacts with Everloop. Kids need help learning how to be a digital citizen. Parents are often unsure about how to be a part of their kids’ lives online. Our site provides advice for both parents and kids on how to safely use and optimize their Internet experience.


Kids can’t have fun when they feel unsafe.  Security is perhaps the most important element for parent advocacy and kid enjoyment. Everloop provides the most comprehensive and fully COPPA compliant social network with safety controls designed and built specifically for kids under 13. While competitive social networks offer a subset of these tools, none offers the full sweep and level of sophistication that Everloop employs. We recognize the trust that parents and kids put in us every day. It’s our objective to keep kids safer and parents comfortable.

Custom Profiles

Kids will have a blast setting up their custom loops. On Everloop, kids get to create and totally customize their loops with backgrounds, colors, and stickers. It is their own unique homebase in cyberspace. Kids love to decorate their bedroom, they’ll have just as much fun decorating their loop!


What better way to be a kid online than “Goob-ing” your friends?? A Goob is a harmless prank that kids can play on each others’ profiles. For example, they can throw a virtual pie or virtually tee-pee a friends’ profile page.

Virtual Goods

Everloop kids can earn or buy “Evercredits” that allow them to purchase items in our virtual store, like Goobs, Premium Stickers, etc. Kids will find ways to earn Evercredits by participating on the site, or their accounts can be funded through secure credit card transactions approved by their parents.

Everloop Awards

  • CEO Hilary DeCesare 2010 and 2011 AlwaysOn Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch
  • CEO Hilary DeCesare Board of Directors of The Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Causes
  • CEO Hilary DeCesare Board of Advisory for The Max Cure Fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • CEO Hilary DeCesare speaker at 2011 Youth Mega Mash Up Event
  • CEO Hilary DeCesare Invited to Innovator Spotlight at Pii 2010
  • CEO Hilary DeCesare Invited to speak at President Obama’s Cyber Safety Summit 2011
  • 2010 DEMOgod Award for Social Media
  • 2010 and 2012 AlwaysOn Global
  • 2010 AlwaysOn Hollywood 100
  • 2010 Winner of Global Entrepreneurship 50
  • 2010 Winner Best in Class Social Media
  • 2012 Parents Choice Award: Websites for Kids 8-13
  • 2012 Edison Award, Silver Mass Media and Communications
  • 2012 Golden Bridge Awards: Everloop: Silver Award in the Social Media, Networking and Collaboration Innovations; CEO Hilary DeCesare, Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year; CMO Sandy Barger: Silver Award, Marketing Executive of the Year for creating new ways for brands to engage with consumers through new media
  • 2012 Stevie Awards: Everloop: Gold Award Best New Product or Service of the Year; CEO Hilary DeCesare: Bronze Award “Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Consumer Services, up to 2500 employees.”
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