• Kamaz Jungle Kamaz Jungle

    The powerful Kamaz truck is back for another dangerous journey. This time, you'll be tearing through the jungle.

  • Moogla Moogla

    This rubber cow has gone wild. Squirt milk onto squirming sea creatures and fly low to avoid mosquito swarms.

  • Super Marine Super Marine

    Wage war against these alien insects. Attack the home nest to win, but you better wear your best armor before you do.

  • Trick Hoops Trick Hoops

    Call the shots and challenge the tough competition to match it! Backyard hoops just got a little more intense.


    Dress sporty Sue in her fabulous collection of skirts, tops, and accessories.

  • Educational Educational

    Hey, smartie-pants! Who knew studying could be such a blast!? Test your knowledge and turn learning into a game!

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